Eraldi sh.p.k company has been active in the field of wall paints and finishes since 1997, by importing and applying quality and innovative products from different european companies.

Since 2005, Eraldi sh.p.k. is the official representative and exclusive distributor of San Marco Group Company products’ in Albania.

Seeing the markets’ demand for products regarding the field of industrial production, Eraldi sh.pk also has the exclusivity of Colorificio Damiani company products.

Our specialists provide over 20 years of experience in applying paints, industrial products and wall finishes to all surfaces in the required time and in the right quality.

Our Mission

To create lasting relationships with our customers by providing the right service without compromising on quality.

We believe that the time you spend at home where you live and where you work is important, so it needs to be improved by transforming the environment around you into an ecosystem that stimulates creativity and encourages collaboration.

Our Vision

To inspire the passion, integrity and teamwork by enlightning the world through colours.

To help you create the ideal space, giving life to your dreams, by ensuring high quality products and giving you our consulence to reach your vision.